If you’re planning an event, chances are that you’re also looking for delicious catering options. Fortunately, we have a large selection of menus to share with you. Our appetizer, salad, entree, and desert menus will be sure to compliment any event that you have in mind.

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Buffet Catering

We can assist you in finding the right choice for buffet catering as well as ensuring that you have the tables, linens, and silverware to make it happen. Our catering services range from gourmet entrees to elegant dishes, and they are all designed by our executive chef partners specifically for your event.

Candy Bars

One of the sweetest treats for your guests is providing them with a candy bar. A candy bar is essentially like a buffet of sweets, candies, and chocolates. In the same way that a buffet menu can be selected, so can specific candy for this special buffet set up. Candy bars are perfect for sweet sixteens, birthday parties, and other similar events.

Dessert Catering

Our vendor partners are always experimenting with new desserts, designs, and assortments. Whether you’re looking for a fruit basket or an intricate assortment of chocolates, we can help you narrow down a fitting selection of desserts for your event.

Seated Catering

The recommended dining style for weddings and corporate events is referred to as “seated catering” or “seated served.” It’s a great option for wedding receptions because guests will served by a waiter and they won’t have to wait in line at a buffet bar.

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